The Sharm Shark Mystery: why are the attacks happening?

They’re HUNGRY!!! You windbag, says Captain Bill Goldschmitt, Sharkman of Cortez. Writer Adrian Bloomfield of the U.K. Telegraph claims Geroge Burgess is the “world’s foremost chronicler of shark attacks,”  as this eco-bafoon investigates the five attacks in the Red Sea. (What does this clown think he’s going to ascertain from these attacks, other than collecting sensational headlines?) George Burgess is nothing more than an overpaid statistician sitting in a cooshie job, collecting tax-payers’ money at The Museum of Natural History in Gainsville. Last year, he stated to Eugene Lapointe, President of CITES that there were only ten shark fatalities per year, now, he’s claiming only five fatalities per year, while peddling the eco-propoganda that “70 millionsharks are slaughtered for their fins each year” by the Japanese. Georgie knows no more about shark behavior than a ballet dancer knows how to kill a wild boar in the Everglades. In my opinion, this eco-windbag is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the eco-lunatics who want to play down the dangers of sharks and upgrade them them to some God-like diety.


Sharkman of Cortez

(if you want to know the real story about sharks, read my book)


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