Captain Bill and fans protesting FWC’s call to put the great hammerhead and tiger sharks on the protected species list


I‘m Captain Bill Goldschmitt, nearly 61 years old. I’ve been studying shark attacks for over four decades and am still baffled by shark protectionists hell-bent on claiming the world’s top predators (sharks) as misunderstood and near extinction! They have no proof of shark stocks declining — the facts simply don’t support such a claim. In fact, in Florida waters, catch totals documented by actual  fishermen, commercial and sport, clearly indicate that shark populations of Atlantic and Gulf-of-Mexico sharks are dramatically up since 2001. These “save animal” eco-fanatics also claim that one hundred million sharks are killed each year. Hmmm . . .  must be a lot of sharks swimming out there.

The National Oceanic and atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), Dr. Bobbie Hueter, Director of Shark Research at More Marine Lab in Sarasota, Dr, Neil Hammerschlag, Founder of University of Miamis’ R.J. Dunlap Shark Conservation Program and a slew of anti-shark-fishing organizations like The Pew Foundation, Wild Aid, The Humane Society, etc., keep brain-washing the public with bold lies, covered in a fog of smoke and mirrors. All meant to push their profitable, “protect the sharks’ agenda.” This defies logic!~ It’s a known fact that sharks have been attacking and killing humans for hundreds of years!

After staging my own protest against an FWC meeting in Sarasota which plans to declare open season on bathers by adding the great hammerhead and the tiger sharks to the protected species list, I sat in front of the television with a beer to ponder the future of an outdoorsman’s’ rights. I watched as most of Florida was stunned by the “not guilty” verdict blasted across our news. The trial lasting nearly a month or more showed a young woman as unfit to raise her child, who lied to authorities of the whereabouts of her daughter. She basically covered up her daughter’s disappearance for 31 days’ long enough to destroy all incriminating evidence. Does this case defy logic? Sure it does. But several defense attorneys, like the shark protectors, baffled us with theories and unfounded accusations (smoke and mirrors) such as Casey’s father molesting her so she’s excused from lying. But an innocent child is dead and justice is not served. I know, the jury can’t convict unless the evidence proves guilt beyond a reasonable doubt . . .  I’ve got the answer: Mr. Plum did it and the detective lost the evidence while kissing the maid!

Captain Bill


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  1. Jess

    Your arguement is that we should carry on killing sharks because they’ve been killing humans for hundreds of years. Do you know how few humans are killed each year by sharks? And even so, they are natural predators, just like killer whales, and dolphins, and if we choose to swim in their territory is it really theyre fault that we are attacked? You dont see many people traipsing around in a Lions territory do you? its just as wrong to kill sharks forno reason, as it is to kill any animal on the planet. No matter what its insticts are, at least their instincts are natuiral, and not based around money.

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