Captain Bill commercially fished for sharks  in

Florida from 1967 to 1986. During his career, he

captured more than 6000 sharks. Stayed tuned

to his blog to learn the real deal on sharks, from

a hands-on expert, not a desk-sitting scientist.


4 responses to “About

  1. Bill,

    Great writing. Very enjoyable. I’ve hauled more than a few sharks out of the “briny deep” myself. We’re from Pensacola, but spent almost ten years living in the Big Bend. My 13-year-old is an aspiring marine scientist, and I’ve shown him your blogs. He’ll be keenly interested in hearing from an “old salt” like you.

    On a personal note… I’ve always been amazed at the numbers of sharks I catch – inshore and off shore. We’ve eaten a lot of great-tasting shark steaks. Mostly, I’ve just released them back to their watery home.

    Great work. God bless.

    • cortezsharkman

      Thanks for your comment, Jeff, glad you appreciate my site and writings. How refreshing to hear from someone other than an extremist!
      Captain Bill

  2. Hi Bill;
    Long time no see. Having trouble reaching you through facebook or email. Living in Georgia for past 19 years. Write back or call me 678-949-7593

  3. How’s it going you old hoot?

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