6 foot great hammerhead is mature enough to give birth to 22 pups

          Sharks are savage killers. They are the apex predators of all the world’s oceans. Sharks attack all prey, both large and small, and sharks kill and maim humans on every part of the globe!

            So one might ask, “Why does the eco-hysteria soap opera continue?” Shark fiction over truth is fueled by eco-hypocrisy. The jaws of State and Federal Governments such as, the National Marine Fisheries, NOAA, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission restrict fishermen (commercial and recreational) from their American birthright to fish. They created biased and unjust regulations, claiming, “the need to protect” while ignoring the facts (sharks are dangerous) and bolstering ridiculous propaganda dealt out by shark protection extremists. This is science at its worst.

            Despite evidence of increasing shark populations and shark attacks on humans worldwide, they deliver the same basic message year after year: “We must save the shark.” These agencies are dominated by eco-lunatics who don’t believe in the sustained utilization of the world’s natural resources. Eugene Lapointe, the president of IWMC World Conservation Trust, a coalition of wildlife experts, has authored an excellent book on this subject.  He, as well as many others, promote credible science that seeks truth, not the common speculations that deprive all fishermen from providing food for humanity and fishing for sport.

            As a retired commercial shark fisherman, and co-author of Sharkman of Cortez (my memoir), I have, for nearly a decade, proclaimed that these agencies and these so-called “shark experts” be held accountable for shark attacks. They are the ones responsible for restricting shark fishing, ultimately endangering public safety. Furthermore, the eco-nonsense dealt out by two of the most vocal shark protection extremists, George Burgess in Gainesville and Bobby Hueter of Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota is downright dangerous brainwashing.

These two, known by most fishermen in Florida as the Laurel and Hardy of Shark Savers, claim shark species are increasing in local waters due to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Fact is, bull, hammerhead, tiger and blacktip sharks have been dramatically building in numbers well before this tragedy. Clear documentation of their numbers has been registerd for the past seven years.

Russell Hudson of Daytona Beach, Director of Sustainable Fisheries states, “Sandbar sharks, (a protected species) are so prolific, they are eating hooked red snapper and amberjack before anglers can reel them in.”

Charter Captains from Tampa to St. Pete to Boca Grande fear releasing tarpon after hook-ups due to the large schools of bulls and great hammerheads during May and June migrations.

Hueter claims whale sharks appearing off Sarasota in May was “very unusual,” yet, local divers, like Marty Martell of Dive Services, have photographed these large plankton feeders near the “cuda hole” off Sarasota for nearly twenty years. His photos can be seen in tackle shops around town. (So much for “very unusual.”) Hueter goes on to say that sharks are slow growing, some need 20 years to mature sexually. He also says, “Quantifying exact shark numbers is not possible.” Then he says, “Florida sharks are down 50 percent since 1975.” Contradiction??

As a commercial fisherman, I’ve captured great hammerheads that can grow to 18 feet yet, I’ve dissected six-footers carrying 20-30 pups. Sexual maturity in 20 years? I don’t think so. Both Burgess and Hueter claim sharks are headed to extinction but I seriously doubt those two could estimate the number of virgins in the local whorehouse!

Both self-proclaimed experts wield influence over the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, which claims to be the National leader in shark conservation. Is it a coincidence that this state leads the world in shark attacks? Is anybody getting this?

Bobby Hueter was quoted, “They’re (sharks) thought to be on the same level as rattle snakes and mosquitoes. They’re something we don’t want around because they bite and eat people.” Damn! This guy could be a rocket scientist! He goes on to say, “People (Sharkman of Cortez maybe?) want to play on that myth (MYTH??) and trump up the fear factor on sharks.” Are you kidding me? Howabout asking those families devastated by shark attacks in 2010 alone if they think it’s a myth.

And finally, a quote from George Burgess on shark protection, “If sharks can be saved, we’re going to have to hope that our sons and daughters and grandsons and granddaughters are going to carry the torch for the next couple of generations.”

I say Heaven help anyone lost or adrift and desperately praying for rescue in Florida waters. If this shark protection continues, in these state waters, you might prefer drowning!

Captain Bill Goldschmitt


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Shark Jaws

Capt. Bill,

 I am a HUGE fan of your book, what a story….AWESOME!!! Thanks for signing the copy I ordered from your web site.

I also love to fish and spend time on the water. I live a about twenty miles north of Tampa.
 The next shark I catch and eat I would like to cut the jaws out and make my own trophy. I have no idea how to do this though. Can you help me? Do I need Formaldahide? and where do I get it? If you could let me know what steps I need to take that would so appriciated.
Tha most improtant thing is to be careful not to cut
too close to the gum
line so the teeth don’t fall out. Scrape as much
meat as possible off then
final with a scalpel (purchase at a surgical supply house).
Then soak the
jaw for about 24 hours in fresh tap water. Then do a
final soaking, aprox
an hour or so with hydrogen peroxide
diluted 1 quart to basic bucket of
water. Drain and set jaw out on plywood
to begin drying. Depending on size
it may a week or 2 weeks. Suggest drying
in a garage, not outside where
animals might get at it. You may want to
clamp the jaw with c-clamps to
plywood to keep the shape. When dry,
I coat my jaws with clear enamel. (I
only use formaldehyde to sweeten the smell, and its hard to get).
Sometimes I mount my jaws on driftwood or crab trap tops.
Good luck, enjoy, glad you liked the book.
Captain Bill


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Come see us at:

 Circle Books on St. Armand’s Circle, Sat., July 3 from 3-5pm

O’Leary’s on the Bayfront Sun., July 4, 12-4pm

Hubbard’s Marina, Madeira Beach, Sun., July 11, 12-4pm

Casey Key Fish House, Osprey, Sat., July 17, 5-8pm

The Broadway Bar, 10th Street Sarasota, Sat July 24, 5-7pm

Island Bazaar, Siesta Key Village, Sun July 25, 12-4pm

The book is available on our website (“Buy the Book”), at Circle Books, The Sea Hagg in Cortez, Island Bazaar, Mr. CB’s Bait and Tackle on South Siesta Key, Captain Curt’s Gift Shop, Sea Pleasures and Treasures in Venice and more!


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Sharkman of Cortez Book signings

The book is being printed and will be out for the following book signings and celebrations! Please join us.

SATURDAY, JUNE 26                           SUNDAY, JUNE 27

          12-4                                                               1-4

     THE SEA HAGG                               CAPTAIN CURT’S

12304 CORTEZ ROAD W                1200 OLD STICKNEY PT. R


REFRESHMENTS WILL BE SERVED                            349-3885


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Shark attacks: Here’s one for our side!!

An email sent to Sharkman: (couldn’t have said it better myself!)

Hello Sharkman,

I am in Ft. Lauderdale where I vacation once a
 year and am always
 wary about sharks.
Call me crazy, but I don't trust them. 
Like you, I have never believed all the crap
that these defense attorneys for sharks
 spew out in the wake of a grisly shark

Regardless of how badly the shark mauls
 the victim there is always an 'excuse'
 which seems to put the blame on the human
 victim: "Mistaken identity, the shark felt
 that his privacy was invaded or the person
 did something to 'provoke' the attack
 (yeah,something like breathing, kicking,
 paddling, surfing, wading, snorkeling,
 and the short list of things humans are
 capable of in an aquatic environment.)
  I've always asked "Who interviewed the shark
 afterwards to discern his intentions?"

Maybe he set out to kill a swimmer for
 sport, maybe he hates humans, maybe he
 had a taste for human flesh that day- how
 the hell do we know?  Especially since,
 as you noted, many attacks are brutal and
 repeated, not to mention the ones where
 people are devoured entirely. 

I've never heard one of these 'experts' say
 "Sharks are dangerous, ravenous
creatures whose cunning and capacity for
 violence towards humans should never be
The 'expert' is always a bearded, bifocaled,
 middle-aged, white, overweight
child-molester type who opines from the
 comfort of his easy chair but wouldn't
 be caught in the ocean to save his soul.
  He ALWAYS gives the shark the benefit
 of the doubt. (I think that must be the
 requirement for becoming an 'expert')

Political correctness now governs even
 what people will say about a gruesome,
 even deadly shark attack. I haven't heard
 anyone come to the defense of crocodiles
  or vipers who kill hundreds of people
 yearly, but maybe they're next.

Take care,
Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry


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Sharkman of Cortez Inspiration for New Documentary

The screening of The Shark Con ( on April 17 at St. Petersburg’s Sunscreen Film Festival has finally exposed the truth about “shark conservation.” Inspired by meeting Captain Bill last year, Director Rusty Armstrong and Writer Steven Pavon created this contoversial film which has now hit the film festival circuit. They’ve interviewed such reknown “experts” as George Burgess of the International Shark attack file and Eric Ritter, “Shark Behaviorialist” But really, Captain Bill, with his years of fishing experience and caustic wit, steals the show…

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